The Laografiki – Archeologiki  Eteria Elassonas, is an association, which was founded in1977, inthe town of Elassona, is a cultural society, non-profit with a multi-faceted, remarkable activity in Greece and abroad. It currently has more than 250 members.

Sections: The areas of the association would break out in the following sections:

1. Studies and Publishing
2. Buildings and Folklore material
3. Traditional dances – traditional costumes
4. Music – Theatre
5. Public – international relations
6. Lifelong Learning

7. European Programs
The activities Referring back to the early years of the club, to the present, the development of activities and initiatives of these sections are:
- Organizers 3 pan Hellenic conferences in Elassona, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture «on Mount Olympus in the lives of Greeks».
- Version books with the practical sessions.
- Proceedings published unreleased tracks in the region of Mount Olympus.
- Activities restoration of the historic building “Old Turkish Customs of Elassona”, to be used as Folklore Museum.
- Organizers festival dances in Elassona, with the participation of Greek and foreign traditional groups.
- Competitions lectures on folklore, scientific, social, cultural interest and awareness events to social problems and issues of our time (unemployment, drugs, Aids, voluntary blood donation, education etc.).
- A tutorial traditional dances of our country to people aged 7 to 80 years, with the responsibility of the club by experienced teachers.
- Visits for exchanges on topics traditional culture and views in Elassona folkloric groups and bands from Europe, Latin America and Asia.
- Organization of musical events (concerts, recitals, concerts, choir meetings) with all kinds of music (traditional, artistic, pop, classical). Organization over of 10 theatrical events.
- Collection of folk material from the Elassona and research in areas of the province “parolympies” Elassona for search and recording legends, traditions, folk songs, customs, etc.
- Organisation of Painting and Photography, in collaboration with famous authors and artists of our country.
- Create theatrical divisions – workshops, in collaboration with student communities schools in the region.
-Participation in the European programme «Youth for Europe» with participation in informal meetings and exchanges of young people – members of the group, aged 15 to 30 years, in European countries. Shares in major European educational programmes.
- Contribution of various actions by the European program «Leader».
- Cooperation with clubs in Europe emigrants us to showcase our secular culture.
- Competitions reports traditional costume (from all geographical divisions of the country) in Greece and abroad.
- Establishment and organization and anniversary celebrations in Elassona.
- Study visits to selected sites and tourist sites, for members of the association.
- Version tourist cards with selected topics from the region of Elassona.
- Continuous collaboration with municipalities – communities, cultural organizations and other agencies and municipal enterprises culture a Thessaly area.
- Events and initiatives to enhance and promote the historical Monastery and archaeological treasures of Elassona and of the region of the province.


But the most great action is:

- The dancing group, which started its operations in 1978 and is regarded as one of the best-known of Thessaly, with international recognition. It presents traditional dances from all parts of the Greek region and indeed to the region, Elassona and Olympus. Hundreds performances have made the group known in Greece and abroad, and has been recognized by flattering reviews of the specialists and many awards, representing and delivering the Greek “colours”. Indicatively, has visited countries: Spain (8 times), Belarus (2 times), Bulgaria (2 times), Portugal (2 times), Italy (3 times), Germany (3 times), Turkey (2 times),Denmark, Sweden, Russia, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Belgium (2) etc. In summer of 2011 we took part in the 12th International Byuykcekmece Municipality Culture and Art Festival.
-  Participated in various European projects such as:
a) Partner:
-“Youth Ambitions in the Mediterranean Area” as a partner (2000)
-“Europa Popularis”  as a partner (2005 -  2006)
-“GR8 Parents”  as a partner (December 2008 – November 2010)
- “Revealing Solidarity” (2011 – 2012)
b) Participation of members of the association:
-“Glossolalia” (2001)
-“Solidarity in Art and Literature” (2001-2002)
-“Glossomuseums” (October 2003 – October 2005)
-“Artfarers” (2010)
c)  Responsible in Grundtving workshop 2011-2012 : “Seniors and Youths revealing the art of storytelling and fairytales”
LAOGRAFIKI – ARCHEOLOGIKI ETERIA ELASSONAS (LAEE) is member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network.